Archeological Museum

Our intervention is located in the Archeological Site of Kerameikos in Athens, in the edge between the urban environment and ancient monuments, in the edge of memory and promise. Our proposal intends to enhance the prominence of the archeological site rather than to trespass it.

In three identical zones, inside the very excavation, we find conservation laboratories and storage spaces which are open to public and simultaneously in direct connection with the adjacent monuments.

Closer to the city part, we created the Archeological Park of Kerameikos which combines the visitors’ center, the Museum of Contemporary Textile and the Association of Greek Archeologists. The main square can host various open-air events, such as lectures, workshops, concerts and screening.

The key factor of our design is a long path above the ground, a ‘bridge’ that leads from the visitors’ center to the archeological site.This light metal structure which offers a beautiful belvedere to Kerameikos symbolises the attempt to combine the past and the future in a fruitful dialogue.

In collaboration with Ioanna Mitropoulou.


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