Drama School

Design of a theatre conservatory with a large theatre hall. Our proposal is described as a “box in a box”. It is about creating a transparent building; the conservatory, inside which is enfolded an opaque box; the theatre hall.

The site is set on one of the busiest avenues of Athens, where a very particular industrial character prevails.

The outer building accommodates all the functions of the school, as well as the auxiliary functions of the theatre. It has a metallic structure and a rather industrial character as all structural and mechanical elements are visible.

The box, the heart of the building, is the theatre hall itself. It is suspended from the metallic structure of the outer building, and it stands apart from all other functions as it is poised in the void of a big hole at the centre of the building. Its only connection with the other spaces are light metal corridors.

Convertibility and flexibility of spaces was set as a priority for all parts of the building. The black-box, a theatre with a capacity of 100 people, is designed so as to be able to change its layout so as to accommodate a wide variety of plays.

In collaboration with Ioanna Mitropoulou.

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