The concept of the kindergarten is based on the combination rather than the juxtaposition of two opposite vocabularies. 0n the one hand, the curve represents the freedom and the children’s imagination. 0n the other hand, the folding plane is the essential rational reference to the local urban dialect.

In the very heart of the kindergarten we find the main play-yard surrounded and protected by the classrooms with which it communicates through a sheltered corridor. On the southern side the is a multifunctional hall for concerts, presentations and athletic activities. The hall can also serve the needs of the community in the evening hours.

The classrooms are designed to fulfill different functional needs. The learning process is hosted in a polymorphic place with big round tables to strengthen team spirit, that can be put away and stored within the classroom. In order for kids to get familiar with new technologies there is special consideration for a computers’ corner. The playroom can take different nuances between group activities like story telling, hide and seek etc and more intimate ones like reading, drawing or playing muppets.

The roof of the classroom is accessible through a staircase from the playground or through a bridge from the dining area. Its dynamic form creates a varyable and intriguing place for children and encourages the outdoor play on the sunny days.

In collaboration with Ioanna Mitropoulou.


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