Deep in the Surface

Ancient statues. From a distance they look perfect, symmetric, harmonic. Complete. The closer one gets, and if one is careful enough, one can look into the traces of time, the scars, the veins of the marble, the missing members. People are like ancient statues. Marble like skin. Skin like marble. One has to bend over and touch in order to feel the scars that hide deep in the surface.The body as texture, the body as landscape.

We tend to love one person, but it is always some detail of the other’s body that we fall more in love with. It can be a back, the ribs, a shoulder, the hands. This part of the lover’s body is more sacred, more unique than the others. It can even reach the limits of fetishism, as if this part could be excluded from the rest of the body and be worshiped in itself. This particular part represents to the loving subject the absolute, the ideal. The series consists of abstract close-ups on sculptures from the antiquity and on human bodies.


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