des liaisons dangereuses

Was sagt Ihr Spiegel. Es ist immer der andre der heausblickt. Ihn suchen wir , wenn wir uns durch die fremden Leiber wühlen , weg von uns.

What does your mirror say. For it is always the other that looks back at you. It is this other that we search for, when we dig in the bodies of strangers , away from ourselves.
[Heiner Müller, Quartet]

Casted on real bodies, the plaster body parts are suspended in the space in juxtapositions to mirrors. The installation at Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz invites the audience to bend over, to touch and pay attention to the details of the skin, the hair, the structure of the spines. In a unique opportunity to explore the inner cavities of beloved bodies, one cannot but see themselves reflected in the mirrors as an alternative Narcissus.

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