A performative multi-channel sound installation. The research of the rightest tone, the absolute form.The experience of the abstract music composition is reconstructed by the audience through walking around, closer and past the speakers. The immateriality of the performer. The absence of their physical presence. The absence of sound. The pause. The interspace. When does silence begin?

Exhibited on August 1st 2018 at the Salzburger Kunstverein as part of the exhibition 20 PROPOSITIONS (curator: Seamus Kealy). Developed during the workshop ‘Let paintings sing’ by Ei Arakawa and Christian Naujoks for the Summer Academy of Arts.
On the background works by Carl Johan Högberg.

Violoncello: Dylan Lee , Viola: Sam Matzner , Violin,Guitar: Lucie Hern , Saxophon: Colin Crichton , Flute: Evelyn Plaschg

Watch in HD Quality.

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