New Disquiet

New Disquiet unfolds as a visual diary of my stay in New York. As an artist, a Greek expat, a new-comer from Berlin that just landed in the world’s capital for a limited-time internship, I documented experiences, instances of life, with the freedoms and restrictions of the social media templates. In an attempt to decipher the urban, social and cultural complexities of the city, I measured myself and my background against them. Are acclimation and induction linear? Can someone really come to belong? Can the aloneness and internal turmoil of this adapting phase be reflected on the glass facades of Midtown buildings? In social media, where representation tends towards beautification and optimization of the individual self, is there space for flaw, retreat, withdrawal? And in this attempt towards a more honest and wholesome self-representation, can one aspire for human connection and social resonance?

Presented as part of the group show I belong here, at the Korean Cultural Center New York, 18th May – 18th June 2021.

Courtesy of Korean Cultural Center New York.

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