Notes on a Self-Portrait

The first wave of global lockdown restrictions found me in New York. Between March 13th and May 25th, I had been outside the house 11 times, mostly for groceries. As an artist working primarily in the field of performance, I saw my upcoming shows being cancelled or postponed until further notice. It was a time encouraging introspection and reflection. Experimentation instead of exposure. A chance to embrace the deceleration, the stillness of the world. A time to refind my center in this new reality, and be truthful to myself outside of societal expectations. A distraction from the deafening silence, even. I revisited an older series of video performances On Identity (2016-2017) which I know recognize as my first work. Using mirrors and corners of my domestic environment, I tried to see myself as an epistemic specimen, uncut, unretouched, unmediated in the present.

The Last Brush on a Female Portrait

Untitled (For Sale)

The Elephant


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