what it takes

A three-channel video performance. An artist’s routine.
Three consecutive days of morning practice. A preparation. Before entering the studio, or taking the stage, or the street. What does it take?

It takes presence and awareness.
It takes love and honesty.
It takes discipline and technique. It takes courage to go beyond techniques.
To master the body and the soul in unison.
It takes attention. Deep focus to the needs of the body and the rhythm with every breath. It takes careful listening and reading of the room. Constant reevaluation and recalibration of the energy. It takes aloneness
to exercise these skills before opening to the world.

I’m on my bed.
I’m a young white cis female artist. What does my identity represent in people’s eyes?
How is my presence in resonance or dissonance with theirs?
I cannot but stay truthful to my present,
transparent in my process,
honest in my story,
I am an artist in the warm-up.
I frequently perform. Who is it I’m embodying if not me?

Thus it takes conscious presence.
Flowing with the passing of time, squeezing the poetry out of each moment. Which takes practice.

Ask Sisyphus.

Duration 25 min

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