the world between

A male black body and a female white one measure themselves and each other. They function as a reverse Atlas, weighing and supporting the world. Armed solely with the invariable of their gravity and co-dependent towards the quintessence of their human condition to be bound to earth, what language will they construct to approach each other? What dynamics, energies, frequencies will emerge in their in-between space?

The constant reevaluation of their positions and readjustment is an invitation and an affirmation for dialogue: between their genders, their races, their genealogies, their social and cultural identities. The axis of the gaze, perpetually vibrating, represents the fragile equilibrium between two people, two artists, two cultures, two worlds. How do you cross the distance to reach the other?

A long-durational performance in collaboration with Martin Toloku, curated by Va-bene Elikem Fiatsi, and presented on February 15th 2020 at Nubuke Foundation, East-Legon, Accra, Ghana.

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