Tape I

Piles of tangled black tape, lying there always, already. When did it start? Will it ever be over? And what is the performer trying to do exactly? Find a way out, out of the room? Out of their own labyrinth? Find the root of their path, their origins? Or maybe tear the room down in a loud exhale? A promenade in situ. It unfolds its frequencies in time. Real-time processing of the sound encourages the mind to go beyond the physical space of the body and to drift in the field of memory, imagination and reverie. An auditive research on the most remote, the almost unconscious corners of memory. An exercise of imagination. A perpetual digging in the profounds of mind and of mindlessness. Once reached, these profounds of mindlessness, how can one rise on the surface again? The only way is through.

Concept – Performance : Léllé Demertzi
Supervision : Daisuke Ishida
Sound : Axel Ástvaldur Thorisson
Movement : Eva Georgitsopoulou
Assistance : Eunice Fong, Maria Papadouli
Photography : Tatjana Vall
Cinematography : Tille Dose

Presented at FLUGWERK Berlin, Kunstquartier Bethanien and Zwitschermaschine, and followed by open discussion and feedback session with the audience. Exhibited as a two-chanel video installation at X – LANE as part of the graduate exhibition, Perfekte Zustände.


Rehearsals and Notes